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WWII Veteran Wears Peace Proudly!

A Major in WWII (China Marine Aviator) wearing Peace Cord. He turns 90 on April 1st!

Wall Street Journal Features Story on Spirit of America

Spirit of America, a partner of Peace Cord, is highlighted in an opinion piece by Daniel Henninger in the Wall Street Journal, January 20, 2011. The article, “Will Afghanistan Be a Forgotten War?” praises Spirit of America for the years of support provided to U.S. troops on the ground in Afghanistan and Iraq to provide civilian aid.

Veterans Wear Peace Proudly!

As a veteran of Afghanistan and Iraq and as the current CSM of the 2nd INF BDE of the Washington State Guard I wanted to commend you on your awesome cause. Because many of the civilians in these hot spots are trying to survive decades and sometimes centuries of war, the idea of helping the innocent victims of war had a strong appeal to me. Once I receive mine I will be showing it to the troops at our Unit Training Assemblies.
-Sgt. R.D. Smith (veteran of Afghanistan and Iraq)

Peace Cord on “CEO Corner”

CEO Larry Letteney wears peace proudly on "CEO Corner" NCEN show

Corporate Executive Wears Peace Cord!

Multi-tasking corporate executive wears his Peace Cord bracelet proudly with his ARZU STUDIO HOPE rug underfoot!

Show us how you Wear Peace Proudly!

Xime Rosillo, Eliza D’Anieri and Sophie D’Anieri wearing Peace Cord bracelets.

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Peace Cord seen on NCIS


Peace Cord™ bracelet seen on the December 14, 2010 episode of NCIS, worn by Mark Harmon (“Special Agent Gibbs”). Keep watching for more appearances! On CBS Tuesdays 8/7c.