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What People Are Saying About Peace Cord (Pt. 1)

Want to know what people are saying about Peace Cord™ bracelets? Below are some comments from our Facebook and Twitter pages!

“I ordered one. I can’t wait for it to arrive. It will remind me to pray for peace and our troops everyday!” – Jackie in Dearborn, MI

“Such a wonderful idea, and an interesting take on the “Survival 550” paracord bracelets that members of the military wear. The bracelet can be unwound and used for emergency purposes.” – Lisa, unknown city

“Love my Peace Cords. And I love the feeling of making even just a small impact in the lives of others half a world away. Thank you. ♥” – Christine, unknown city

“My mother just ordered two @peacecords. One for each of my brothers serving in the military.” – Felicia in Los Angeles, CA

“Just got 2 @peacecord bracelets for me and my beau. Such a neat cause.” – Hien in Chicago, IL

“Just got my bracelet from @peacecord – glad to help women of Afghanistan in a small way.” – John, unknown city

Many thanks to all of our supporters! We look forward to what’s still in store for our product and our mission.

UK Fan Wears Peace Proudly!

Marion in the UK wears her Peace Cord proudly…and with lots of color!

Want to show us how YOU Wear Peace Proudly? Send in a photo of you and your Peace Cord to Devon McAnany at

Peace Cord Highlighted on Marine Corp Website

The Marine Corp Association highlighted Peace Cord on its website showing support for the project and encouraging its members to Wear Peace Proudly. To read more, visit the Marine Corp Association website here.