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What People Are Saying About Peace Cord (Pt. 2)

We have been beyond thrilled by the positive response we’ve gotten since our Today Show appearance! Want to know what people are saying about Peace Cord™ bracelets? Below are some comments from our Facebook and Twitter pages!

“In honor of International Women’s Day, wearing my @peacecord bracelet, woven by Afghan women.” – Anne, New York, NY

“Thank YOU for what you’re doing… my father {retired} wore one I made for him when he was deployed…” – Theo, unknown city

“What an amazing thing to share with people around the world…Something beautiful for someone beautiful. I am ordering as I write for family and friends so they can look down and remember heroes from all over the world.” – Deidre, unknown city

“My husband is a Vietnam Era Air Force veteran so we both got the new Air Force bracelets. They are VERY nice!” – Deb in Otsego, MI

“Yep… The NBC today show is the reason I found your FB page. I’m sharing it with my military Mom friends! Proud Air Force Mom here.” – Debra, unknown city

“I’m sharing too…all my Facebook friends. I’m going to let my 14-year-old daughter pick hers out after school today. Like I said to my friend, what a tribute to be wearing a piece of our soldiers around our wrists.” – Stacey in Holly, MI

“I love this site and the Peace Cord. I come from a long line of military servicemen in my family. And the rewards it gives to those women who make them is the best idea behind this.” – Serena Nelson, born on MacDill Air Force Base in FL

Once again, many thanks to all of our supporters! We are excited to continue to share our mission with you.

International Women’s Day 2011

Happy International Women’s Day! Peace Cord™ is committed to empowering women of Afghanistan through the handmade bracelets that they weave, as well as supporting the troops so that they can provide assistance with grassroots initiatives in rural areas of Afghanistan. By ordering a bracelet and Wearing Peace Proudly, you can help contribute to both of these important causes!

You can find out what Connie K. Duckworth, Founder & CEO of ARZU STUDIO HOPE (partners with Spirit of America on the Peace Cord initiative), had to say in honor of International Women’s Day in her blog post today.

A Peace Cord weaver smiles as she attaches a brass button to a bracelet

A big thanks to all of our supporters, as well as every person and organization dedicating their lives to empowering women worldwide!