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What People Are Saying About Peace Cord (Pt. 3)

Here are some more quotes from supporters of Peace Cord!

“I [purchased Peace Cord] as a gift for a young lady who is graduating from college and will be commissioned as a Navy Officer this coming May.  My daughter graduates from the same program next year and will be a Navy Nurse…and I am retired from the US Navy after serving 25 years. Women today in our country have so many freedoms and having traveled to some not so nice places during my 25 year career I know that is not the case in many nations in Africa/ Middle East/Asia.  I bought the Peace Cord [bracelets] for the these young Naval officers to remind them that what they do is not just important to the citizens of the United States, but hopefully their service will stand for a greater gift…freedom for so many, especially women, who are still oppressed in so many nations. God bless you for what you do to facilitate a means for the women of Afghanistan to endeavor to gain that independence and freedom that they so richly deserve!” – Pam Jacobsen, US Navy Retired

“I was given one of the Navy Peace Cord bracelets from my sister & I LOVE IT!!!  My son bought one in honor of his cousin who just entered the army & was just sent to Afghanistan.” – Karen in VA

“If you’re on my Christmas list this year… guess what you’re getting… hint hint – these are awesome accessories with a special story to go with them…. the PERFECT gift!” – Heather in Riner, VA

“Peace Cords are a hot item at the George W. Bush Presidential Center Conference on Afghan Women!” – Jenifer in Austin, TX
(The conference was held at Southern Methodist University in Dallas last week.)

Once again, we are so grateful for the positive response. Thanks to everyone who shared their comments! WEAR PEACE PROUDLY!

Peace Cord on ‘The Today Show’!

We are thrilled that Peace Cord was featured as part of a “gifts that give back” special on The Today Show this morning! Dannielle Kyrillos of Daily Candy highlighted the bracelets as a “do-good” product. You can watch for Peace Cord and other great products in this clip on The Today Show website!

International Women’s Day 2011

Happy International Women’s Day! Peace Cord™ is committed to empowering women of Afghanistan through the handmade bracelets that they weave, as well as supporting the troops so that they can provide assistance with grassroots initiatives in rural areas of Afghanistan. By ordering a bracelet and Wearing Peace Proudly, you can help contribute to both of these important causes!

You can find out what Connie K. Duckworth, Founder & CEO of ARZU STUDIO HOPE (partners with Spirit of America on the Peace Cord initiative), had to say in honor of International Women’s Day in her blog post today.

A Peace Cord weaver smiles as she attaches a brass button to a bracelet

A big thanks to all of our supporters, as well as every person and organization dedicating their lives to empowering women worldwide!

What People Are Saying About Peace Cord (Pt. 1)

Want to know what people are saying about Peace Cord™ bracelets? Below are some comments from our Facebook and Twitter pages!

“I ordered one. I can’t wait for it to arrive. It will remind me to pray for peace and our troops everyday!” – Jackie in Dearborn, MI

“Such a wonderful idea, and an interesting take on the “Survival 550” paracord bracelets that members of the military wear. The bracelet can be unwound and used for emergency purposes.” – Lisa, unknown city

“Love my Peace Cords. And I love the feeling of making even just a small impact in the lives of others half a world away. Thank you. ♥” – Christine, unknown city

“My mother just ordered two @peacecords. One for each of my brothers serving in the military.” – Felicia in Los Angeles, CA

“Just got 2 @peacecord bracelets for me and my beau. Such a neat cause.” – Hien in Chicago, IL

“Just got my bracelet from @peacecord – glad to help women of Afghanistan in a small way.” – John, unknown city

Many thanks to all of our supporters! We look forward to what’s still in store for our product and our mission.

Wall Street Journal Features Story on Spirit of America

Spirit of America, a partner of Peace Cord, is highlighted in an opinion piece by Daniel Henninger in the Wall Street Journal, January 20, 2011. The article, “Will Afghanistan Be a Forgotten War?” praises Spirit of America for the years of support provided to U.S. troops on the ground in Afghanistan and Iraq to provide civilian aid.